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At Relentless MMA & Fitness, it is our goal to provide the golden triangle area with quality martial arts in a safe, family-friendly fashion. Our dream is to see mixed martial arts grow teaching self-defense, fitness, and training athletes of all calibers.

We strive to be the BEST mixed martial arts gym by working hard to provide the best coaches/instructors, curriculum, and offer a clean, fun environment for you and your family to learn in. PLUS, we have something for all ages and experience levels. No prior experience is required.

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This gym has changed my life significantly since joining 2 years ago. I could name so many ways Relentless has changed me for the better. Physically I am in the best shape I have been ever in my entire life. I view health in a whole new way. I have made the best relationships with everyone here- they are pretty much a second family to me. Emotionally I have gotten tougher. I have grown to be so much more confident in myself and learned what hard work and dedication really looks like. The coaches here will really push you to your limit and help you individually understand the concepts and techniques to be better, because they GENUINELY care about you and want you to succeed. Because of the way Jiu Jitsu is taught here as well as being taught how to strike (which has been a struggle let me tell you), I am now more than capable of defending myself in a self defense situation. That's something I could not say two years ago. Relentless is ABSOLUTELY one of the best mma/jiu Jitsu/striking gyms in the area & I HIGHLY recommend you check them out for yourself. It will change your life!

Kids Martial Arts Columbus

Hannah G.

This Gym is freaking awesome. They help you set and surpass your goals. Myself, I’ve always loved the Muay Thai fighting style, but never took any classes. I’ve done some brazilian jui-jitsu and mma because I’m a Lt. at a prison and a Sgt in the army. They really take the time to get to know their clients. Each session pushes me little by little, to help me take my cardio game to the next level. When there is a need for officer assistance in the prison, you have to haul butt to get there and probably fight. 30 seconds fighting with a person after running is a long time. This gym give you a few more options to add to your arsonal.

Kids Martial Arts Columbus

Vincent M.

I was looking for a gym that offered mixed martial arts classes for beginners and happened upon relentless!! I am so glad I did. They offer everything I was looking for. A friendly atmosphere and great staff are among the best thing about the gym. At 37 I stepped way out of my comfort zone by starting these classes, but I am never made to feel like I can’t do it and the staff is so encouraging and they make me want to give my all the whole time I’m there: I would recommend Relentless to anyone young or old.

Kids Martial Arts Columbus

Beth S.

My son has been going to the kids MMA and BJJ classes for about a month or so and loves it. Jake, Hannah and their coaching staff are top notch. It's not just learning the techniques and skills at Relentless, discipline is taken pretty seriously as well, which I like because it's someone else besides Mom and Dad teaching the kids respect and the right way to act. Well worth the money.

Kids Martial Arts Columbus

Jason K.

This a great place to learn fighting skills. I had the opportunity to train at Relentless about 3 months. I signed up June 2018 to prepare for a boxing match. After the boxing match, I trained for 2.5 months in Muay Thai and 1 month in Jiu-jitsu. I was definitely making progress and learning important skills. I recently moved; if I was still in Columbus, I would definitely have continued training at Relentless! There are several people to spar and roll with from various weight classes: both male and female!

Kids Martial Arts Columbus

Shobal J.

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