About Relentless Mixed Martial Arts

At Relentless MMA & Fitness, it is our goal to provide the golden triangle area with quality martial arts in a safe, family-friendly fashion. Our dream is to see mixed martial arts grow teaching self-defense, fitness, and training athletes of all calibers.

We strive hard to be the BEST mixed martial arts gym by working hard to provide the best coaches/instructors, curriculum, and providing a clean, fun environment for you and your family to learn in.

At Relentless MMA, we have programs for all ages and experience levels! So no matter if you: are a parent trying to get back into shape, have a child that you want to ensure has the tools and confidence to defend his/her self, want to learn how to properly defend yourself and/or your family, are trying to become a professional fighter, or just want to learn a martial art as a hobby… Relentless has a program for you!

We devote ourselves tirelessly toward forwarding health, fitness and martial arts in the Columbus area. We train many active duty military personnel, along with several members of the Columbus Police Department and the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office. We believe in helping our community grow and helping those that protect and serve our community! We offer discounts to those serving in military, law enforcement, and the fire department!

Areas We Serve:

  • Columbus
  • West Point

Proudly Serving Everyone In Columbus And Lowndes County

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