Hannah Guy, Martial Arts Instructor

Hannah Guy

Hannah Guy started training at Relentless in August of 2015-currently. She found out what MMA was and then was in the gym training less than a month later. She started looking for a way to take her fitness to the next level and for a way to develop some confidence, as she had put on the “freshman 15” (but in her case 30 extra lbs), and wanted to continue getting the rest of the weight off in a more fun way. “I started doing jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, and mma & was immediately hooked with the endorphins I got from class and the new-found confidence I was starting to have- which I have always struggled with in the past.” Hannah is a seasoned mma fighter, having held 4 amateur titles for the biggest promotions in the southeast, and now fights professionally. She loves training and helping others reach their goals at Relentless through the fitness kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and MMA programs offered at Relentless. She is over the Little Warriors Program at Relentless as well, which teaches kids 4-8 years old how to defend themselves, have confidence, develop discipline, and build leadership skills.

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